Official (?) Transcript of Arsenal’s Transfer Meeting 1st Jan 2020

Official (?) Transcript of Arsenal’s Transfer Meeting 1st Jan 2020

Just got back from my holiday in the States and found this in my inbox, so sorry for not passing it on sooner. My mate at the Green Dragon, overheard Eddie and Mickey having a quiet pint, discussing their transfer policy for the next window

MA: Now Eddie, you know we are struggling at the back, why Unai couldn’t see, god only knows. So, priorities; Number 1, a world class centre back.


EG: Well, there’s this guy at Leipzig, Upamecano, They reckon he’ll be about £50 mill, so out of Skinflint Stans budget. But, whatever happens, it can’t leak that we were even thinking about buying him, because even though they haven’t heard of him the nutters in the fan base will lose their collective sh!t when we don’t sign him.

MA: Fine, what about Daniele Rugani from Juve, they’ve got a shed load of centre backs, they can spare one.

Daniel Rugani

EG: Stingy Stan will only sanction a loan, Juve will only sell, so that’s a no go.

MA: John Stones? , I know him well, he needs first team football and he’s really good. I coached him at City, remember.

EG: Forget it, he’s English, so he’ll cost the earth and when do our rivals sell US decent players.

MA: Ok, outside of the box signings. Thomas Lemar ?

Thomas Lemar

EG: Ouch…..sorry, fell off my chair. Sell Auba, then we might be able to get the funds, but obviously, Stan will want his cut first.

MA: Ok, Ok, just get the Ukraine to let Mykola Matviyenko join and tell them we’ll release the funds they need, or, get Stan shorter pockets, to stump up the cash, sort out a loan for the Spanish guy taking it easy in Brazil and get him back on that plane.

Pablo Mari

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3 Responses to Official (?) Transcript of Arsenal’s Transfer Meeting 1st Jan 2020

  1. AussieGooner January 30, 2020 at 7:59 am #

    You are way to kind to Stingy Silent Stan…..

    Arsenal will never win the EPL or CL as long as he owns the club….

    It doesn’t matter if Arteta ends up being the Einstein of football, as long as Stingy Silent Stan is holding him back, he won’t fulfil his potential…….

    It’s going to need a long and sustained campaign from a completely united fan base to get the man with the bad moustache and wig out of our club……

    It’s dirty work…….


    It has to be done to move forward……


    Let’s all begin……..

  2. Wellmington January 30, 2020 at 9:47 am #

    I can get tougher

  3. HenryNorrisDialSquare January 31, 2020 at 1:36 pm #

    I for one am happy with Mari and Soares. That should give us enough cover till the end of the season and will up the anti in terms of performances at the back because of the added competition.

    I think you’ll see a different Sokratis, Holding and Luiz because of competition for places. They will have to up their game as they know MA isn’t afraid to drop them.

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