Should he stay or should he go? The Ozil debate rages on…


Mesut Ozil: how can he maintain his best form and stay in the Arsenal team?

“Mesut Ozil was once one of the best, if not the best, playmakers in Europe. His assist numbers, as well as his underlying metrics in the form of key passes and expected assists were phenomenal.”

This comment from Alfie Culshaw on Instagram account, @We.Love.You.Arsenal, outlines how influential Mesut Ozil has been for Arsenal and former German International. The conventional “Number 10” as an attacking playmaker can be one of the great assist makers to play the role on his day in my opinion. However, Ozil has divided opinion because of his habit of drifting out of matches particularly against teams Arsenal would be expected to defeat. His spark is still there as a footballer, but he needs the right format and tactics to ignite his game.

Alfie Culshaw, continuing from his introductory comment said:

“Ozil has been on a steady decline in the last 2 years or so- and not in the way people think. There’s a perception that he doesn’t work hard enough, that he struts around the pitch and is something of a luxury player.”

“However, the stats show that he applies huge amounts of pressures throughout a game, and covers large distances. It’s his actual ability to carry our defensive actions when getting in the position to make them that is his problem. In the past 2 years, it’s his creative assets that have actually declined. He’s scored fewer goals, created fewer goals, created fewer chances, and registered lower xA/90 metrics than he ever has done. Whilst this is largely down to the poor offensive systems he’s been put in, his inability to adapt to the more modern role.”

SheldonHenrique set up @Ozilcabusolo, an Instagram channel projecting Ozil in a positive light. Henrique’s account depicts Ozil’s best footballing moments, and he adds further comments for Gunners Town to be considered in Ozil’s favour and helps me back up why Ozil should remain an Arsenal player.

Sheldon Henrique states: “My basis for creating the “Ozilcabusolo” channel on Instagram was always as an Ozil fan, I learned that I could pass a positive message on to people to help in the best possible way, showing the best highlights of Ozil’s career.”

He adds: “Many do not believe in what he is capable of doing in the field, until he proves otherwise. There are players who apparently are not here at Arsenal because they love the club, but to have their names in a bigger showcase. Ozil to be more clear, is a player who will provide opportunities for his team mates in a simple, but effective way, being himself, playing his football, certainly with Arteta he is having good performances again.

Photo credit: PATRIK STOLLARZ/AFP/Getty Images

“He left the German team for the right reasons, he was no longer welcome in the national side for a long time and that became clear after the World Cup, all with the attacks directed at Ozil following the 2018 world Cup and not his team mates. He must remain at Arsenal, because of the love shown for the club if he does not compete in some competitions or matches, he has already declared that he loves and wants to stay.”

On one hand in Ozil we can see a player desperate to play football, a fan favourite, but on the other, Ozil draws criticism from fans and media analysis. I would say on his day the Arsenal play maker would make my starting 11 as he has shown recently, if the game suits him he is still very effective to use.

Alfie, from “We.Love.You.Arsenal” suggested at the end of his interview for Gunners Town that Mesut Ozil should be sold before next season. With the season suspended, and the outcome yet to be decided, and on hearing further news being discussed on Instagram about the Arsenal playmaker; if Ozil stays or remains an Arsenal player next season is not yet clear. Ozil must accept that other players might be needed to fill his position, for me if he’s to remain a Gunner.

Using Ceballos as a playmaker more often, for the remainder of this, or next season might be the best solution to fill the void and help the Arsenal team progress. I get the impression that Ozil deserves a bigger trophy in his career as an Arsenal player, and may see out a further season with the Gunners.

News from Martin Ziegler in The Times (paywall), that Arsenal may still qualify for the Champions League for the 20/21 campaign, could be music to the ears of Ozil in the search for his elusive Title or Champions League medal in a Gunners kit.

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3 Responses to Should he stay or should he go? The Ozil debate rages on…

  1. Stan Adams April 26, 2020 at 10:35 am #

    The man who conned Afc into the biggest contract in thier history……

  2. Apangu iddi amin April 26, 2020 at 11:21 am #

    He has done enough for Arsenal so let him go bcz he even refused to lower his wadges after lack of paformance in the field.

  3. Uwot? April 26, 2020 at 11:56 am #

    What debate? A waste of space.we’ll never accomplish anything worthwhile with him.wholly unsuited to the prem.flog him to Turkey,China,states ,the Arabs, Mars.just get rid .Now.

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