Exclusive Excerpt from TalkSport Monday Planning Meeting on pending Aubameyang Contract Announcement

Durham on his Anti Arsenal Soapbox….Again

Monday morning and it’s TalkSh!tes weekly team meeting.

Alan Brazil is chairing this week’s meeting and he tables the agenda:


Item 1: What controversies can we stir up this week?

Item 2: Who’s doing the coffee run today?

End of meeting


As usual Durham is the first to pipe up; 

Well, from my extensive inside knowledge, Arsenal are going to announce Auba’s contract signing tomorrow…. that will be golden banter



Oh dear, here we go again 

mumbles Jason Cundy 


Durham continues….

I mean, here’s a classic to start with, he’s firing the goals just not in the right direction


Laura Wood jumps in

72 goals in 111 games, Golden Boot, oh yeah, he doesn’t know where the goal is


Yeah and he’s finished 5th and 8th, that explains everything, adds AD

What are you on about Adrian? adds Goughy

And, and, stammers dopey Durham, he says he wants to be a legend, surely, he wants to win things at his age, I mean, come on


Laura Wood has finally heard enough 

The FA Cup, the Community Shield, more trophies in one month than Spuds in 20 years, give it a rest Adrian, on the wind up again? yeah? 



We all know you’re a closet Arsenal fan 



And, no one else was willing to pay Auba that much, what does that tell you, eh, eh. As Durham tries to get in the last word.

Dumbfounded by Durham’s stupidity, Brazil just loses it; 

It tells you he didn’t want to leave; he is honoured to be their captain and he wants to achieve with Arsenal


Our Captain

Now jog on, shut the f..k up and go get the coffee, you tube!!


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2 Responses to Exclusive Excerpt from TalkSport Monday Planning Meeting on pending Aubameyang Contract Announcement

  1. rellends September 17, 2020 at 1:31 pm #

    I did listen to what that gobshite Durham was saying as it popped up on my Newsnow Arsenal feed. Bear in mind, that as a professional troll it is in his remit to drum up callers to a premium rate rate phone number in order to generate income for the station.Flip the coin and Auba doesn’t sign and guaranteed he’d be trotting out the usual tropes about zero ambition, let our best player leave again and we’ll probably be relegated. I find it really helps just no to listen to Talkshite at all.

    • Wellmington September 17, 2020 at 2:54 pm #

      Luckily living in Australia now, so don’t have to listen either 😉

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