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The Kraken? Remember, for every Auba, there is also an Iwobi

So the mystical Kraken never materialised. We sold/loaned a grand to total of 6 (first team players) players for a grand total of £2m (supposedly) and brought, well, no-one, unless you count re-loans back to Stan’s American franchise. The biggest move was obviously Auba to Barca on a free. Number 14 number 2 takes the captains […]

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Waiting for the Kraken to be announced on Manic Monday – Arsenal Transfer Rumour Round-up

2 days and counting. AMN, Balogan, Mari, Kola, Chambers have departed to pastures new either permanently or a “try before buy” basis. Eddie is likely off to N€wcastle. Auba is expected to arrive LATE  on Monday at Barca or Juve. The first team squad as is stands, is at 19, baring red cards, Covid or […]

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The Wink of Clarity: Black Cat’s luck runs out at Arsenal – Ohhhh Charlie Patino! [ARS 5-1 SUN]

The Wink of Clarity POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES Before we start I want you to try to not get annoyed at how many pictures of Charlie Patino I’m going to add to this blog. I’m excited. Got Patino fever. Pretending I’m 30 years younger than I am and I make no apologies 😉 There’s the […]

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A Shameless Robbery: Arsenal flick the fortress switch while disarming The Hammers [Ars 2-0 WHU]

A Shameless Robbery POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES Sometimes it’s hard to not listen to the Arsenal Vision post match instant reaction before I write these posts. I’m a fan of their work and it’s my personal post match pub. Today I had a drive home from an actual pub and so I couldn’t resist. We […]

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Arteta Rejoices

A Different Kinda Thing: Arteta’s Arsenal muddle through in presence of Evil Overlord [ARS 1-0 WAT]

A Different Kinda Thing POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES This post was going to be called ‘Scruffy something.’ I sat annoyed at myself trying to find the word that went with scruffy for way too long. The performance was definitely scruffy so i was locked into the headline. Then it dawned on me that not all […]

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Happy Saka

Frothing At The Mouth: how Arteta’s Arsenal grab the W against a “Top Team” [LEI 0-2 ARS]

Frothing at the mouth POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES Sometimes I find myself repeating thoughts in this blog. If there has been any thought that I’ve repeated more than any other it has been my insistence that bar the odd occasion, it is always best to try to win the game in the first 20 minutes. […]

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How to change last night’s limpness before Aston Villa on Friday – More Questions than Answers….

More Questions than Answers Last night’s limp display, on the back of the previous outing at the Amex, left me stunned to be honest. I found myself with so many observations and queries, some linked and some not but I thought I might jot them down. Firstly, doing so might help me make sense of […]

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A game for the future: Arsenal lack crucial tools to dismantle a soggy, stubborn Brighton. [Positive Needs & Hopes]

A game for the future POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES Did we simply not play very well? Were we pressed beyond suffocation? Were we a little lucky to get a point? Are we a ‘prime conditions’ team? Are we still a team that needs ‘perfection’ to create chances? Did we play to Brighton’s strengths? Are our […]

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Arteta Hyped

Arteta loves it when a plan comes together – The NLD illustrated how his Arsenal, with his players, can play

1) Formation Since boxing day, Mikel Arteta has favoured a 4-2-3-1 and it’s a formation that the former Arsenal captain believes is tailored to the current side and allows key individuals to be utilised in areas in which they can showcase their best qualities. 2) In possession During the build-up phase, Arsenal set up in […]

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Arteta Hyped

The Return of Excitement: how Arteta’s Arsenal won the crowd and the game [ARS 3-1 TOT]

The Return of Excitement POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES So much can be healed at home games if you are willing to start with energy that intimidates. You have the crowd already energized as they have hope. There is the expectation from your opponent that you will start fast and on the front foot as you […]

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