Come on Mikel – First team places at The Arsenal have to be earned

Highs and lows: that's what draws us to football








The Fanbase is willing you to make this work

We have your back after that other berk

It’s like homegrown talent, a fact well known:

Supporters are more patient with one of their own


We know financially you have one arm tied behind your back

We know that defence can be the best form of attack

We were buzzing for you at Wembley, the first trophy won

And you raised our belief, it could be the year of the Gun










City, Chelsea and then Liverpool dispatched in the Community Shield

You got your man in Partey, what could the season yield?

Promoted to Manager as a reward, no longer Head Coach

Time to step up then Mikel and change the approach


Stand or fall by the choices and decisions you take

Patterns and structures won’t cut it, unless chances they make

If you make bold calls then extra pressure is the reward

Don’t let leaving out your creator mean you fall on your sword


You have shown us you are your own man, so show us once more

Select the team on current merit, and not what players did before

It isn’t working at home so fix sooner rather than later

It is not about individuals when the need of the team is the greater









You know so well what it means to play for this team

An aspirational career peak of which young players dream

If Lacazette and Willian cannot justify the privilege, they should not play

We have Young Guns who know Victoria Concordia Crescit is our way


Starved of creativity so give the homegrown a break

Yes, it’s a risk but a calculated gamble I’d take

We talk up the talent we have in the squad

Well after the Villa debacle, maybe give a few the nod


You talk up Nelson, tell him he should reach for the sky

But he can’t justify your belief if you won’t give him a try

Our midfielders are measured, but not finding their groove

And none barring young Joe, the type to get on the end of a move


Something has to give Mikel, so come to your senses

Set up as we are, we cannot break down opposition defences

A back four is the way to go with a double pivot in front

Get the fullbacks bombing on, you know it’s worth a punt


Move the skipper through the middle, brought in off the wing

He is wasted there at present and centrally will be King

With a pacey and inventive three behind him we can start creating

After all, it is for this your patient fanbase is waiting


And if the youth don’t step up like Saka has what have you lost

We have seen what sticking with senior experience has already cost

Show them their places aren’t secure and have to be earned

Perhaps when they return, a lesson they will have learned



A fresh tongue in cheek ditty from the author of “Arséne’s Double Double”.

(The book is still available at Legends Publishing.)


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4 Responses to Come on Mikel – First team places at The Arsenal have to be earned

  1. allezkev November 12, 2020 at 10:57 am #

    Just an idea Dave, ask your youth expert to do one of his profiles on Nikolaj Moller because he looks quite an interesting player, almost Alan Smith like in style and he was one hell of a good centre forward as you’ll know.

    • Dave Seager November 12, 2020 at 11:37 am #

      Having a break this week as moving house. I won’t do Moller purely as the whole point with John is he has watched this kids for years and obviously due to the his recent arrival and lockdowns he won’t have any more insight on the mew player then the next person.

  2. allezkev November 12, 2020 at 9:03 pm #

    Good luck with the move…

  3. Victor Thompson November 14, 2020 at 10:35 pm #

    You are absolutely right Dave. Mike McDonald is very precise about the talent we have in the youth teams and I think it would be a good idea to give some of them a chance to get into the top team. Partey and Gabriel are both good signings but we know very well that the regulars such as Lacazette and even Pepe are not contributing what they were bought for. I was not a fan of Willock but in his game against the Austrian team he played well. The difference was that he was picked from the start and he did his best to make a difference. He was clearly successfull because he injected speed and determination all over the midfield, Nelson is worth a run as a winger on the Pepe position on the right wing. Pepe should be played at a partner in the middle with Aubo and Tierney given leave to duplicate Bellerin to support our attackers by playing the ball forward. Our players have switched abilities so that the forwards are making the defence easy for the opposition to neutralise them whilst our defence is usually
    ( until Aston Villa ) frustrating the opposition attackers. Im not going to criticise Arteta because our present distress is a legacy left by Wenger. He made huge mistakes at the end when he had enjoyed the experience of Managing a top team for 13 years. Arteta has only been here for months rather than years and he is picking up the debris of Wenger and Emery.

    P.S, Best wishes in your new house. Hope you enjoy Xmas in it.

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