The Football Association set to release an Arsenal celebration clause – Exclusive

Following the submission of official complaints from a number of players , the FA are to hold an extraordinary committee meeting to bring in a change in the rules regarding celebrations.

My insider at FA HQ managed to take a photo of the agenda and faxed it to me this morning.


As President, Prince William (a Villain) forwarded the motion and Doreen (the cleaner) seconded it.

The first complaint was received from an unnamed Wolves player (Reuben Neves – Whoops);

  • It’s just not fair, they win the game and they celebrated with their fans. Who do they think they are? Anyone would think they had a poor start to the season and that their manager had installed a new found sense of togetherness and a fighting spirit. It’s bloody outrageous.



The defining complaint came as a joint submission from an ex and a soon to be ex Villa player;

  • We know that they overdid their celebrations, jumping around and handing out their shirts. Even the players who didn’t make the match day squad were out there. It’s a disgusting image for the game and it has to be stopped.



It is expected that the FA will pass the motion and Law 442.1 Section 7b, is the be revised to read as follows:

  • Arsenal are to be instructed to instantly leave the field of play at the final whistle and if they do not, Xhaka is to be sent off and all borderline VAR decisions in their next EPL game, are go against them…..

Hold on, aren’t they the rules already?

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3 Responses to The Football Association set to release an Arsenal celebration clause – Exclusive

  1. Seroti March 21, 2022 at 6:38 pm #

    I think we are going to need a capable group or SANS (senior Advocates), to help us fignt against this motion been passed into law cause already there is the Xhaka law any foul if ure not sure who did it just give Xhaka the card as u know he is hot headed and always lose his cool.

  2. Carl Shadbolt March 21, 2022 at 8:06 pm #

    its amazes me that only now everyone is seeing the Anti Arsenal carried out by the Media outlets pundits Refs and the FA.. And now of course VAR to stuff us even more than they were already.But to have ex players slagging the Arsenal Players so openly regards to celebrating. Abong the Wrong ex player of Villa showed the Anti Arsenal Sentiments clear as day and proved himself to be a total idiot and brain dead fool. When on Talk Sport footage of himself saying after a villa win, not that long ago. When Gerrard and Villa players Subs Fans all the dug out staff jumped like mad after a win and there is (Abong always wrong) there saying that is what the fans pay for and want to see the manager and player and stafff doing after a win !! errrrr hypocrite ???? FOOL

  3. Melvyn MARKS March 22, 2022 at 8:57 am #

    I hate to drop names, but I do know a certain Perry Mason if required.

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