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Ramsdale Saves The Day

Ramsdale – The £24 million Arsenal signing that makes the difference (Full Analysis of why!)

The goalkeeping situation at Arsenal is an interesting topic. Bernd Leno has been the undisputed number one for three years and when considering the north Londoners acquired his services for £19 million back in 2018, he’s been good value for money and certainly one of the better keepers the Gunners have had since the departure […]

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Negativity flows, can Mikel cure Arsenal’s woes? He must start by picking Ramsdale today

At times it can be extremely difficult not to find yourself becoming completely engulfed in the waves of negativity that frequently flow amongst the Arsenal fan base. Particularly after our results against Brentford, Chelsea and Manchester City in our opening three league fixtures. Over the years I’ve learned to acknowledge that voices of discontent will […]

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The 4 Minute Rebellion – Arsenal players seize the initiative and save Arteta from himself

The 4 Minute Rebellion POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES I might be reaching here. Could be wrong. I’m happy to say this as it’s truth. Watching the game yesterday something jumped off the screen at me. We had spent 90 minutes trying to execute Arteta’s passing patterns. We then binned them. Then we won. It’s also […]

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The Controller and His Joystick – Undecided on Arteta as Arsenal’s Season Goes Down The Plug

The Controller and his joystick POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES It was the 70th minute yesterday. For the first time this season, I’d lost hope. Actually, that’s not true. There have been others. I felt without hope because I knew everything that Arsenal were going to do next. Nothing came as a surprise. More importantly, Unai […]

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Never learnt to kill – how Arsenal Past is crippling Arsenal Future (Positive Needs & Hopes)

Never learnt to kill POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES I was watching the game yesterday and wondering if there were 3 teams out there. ‘Arsenal current’, Fulham and ‘Arsenal past’. We started the game with energy and intent. We didn’t get the goal but I enjoyed the desire to do so as it’s been a rare […]

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The Absence of Automatic: how City’s slick beast was too good for Arsenal’s rag-tag strangers

The absence of automatic POSITIVES, NEEDS AND HOPES Everyone seems to be dealing with their own level of disappointment after yesterday. Some have gone for fire-face emoji-man. Others are emotional because it just happened and it wasn’t very pretty. There are a batch who see a 0-1 to City as ‘not bad considering.’ Then there […]

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A man for all occasions: how Arsenal’s Swiss Army Knife can transform in-form Gunners

The Swiss Army Knife POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES There’s a groove developing. A little swagger. Beyond the natural boost of confidence earned when you start winning and keeping clean sheets, what are the details? 1) INDIVIDUAL IMPROVEMENT Have you noticed? We have 11 players that we can pick who are either on a run of […]

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ARS 0-0 CRY When your best isn’t good enough, sometimes the solution is the winner. [Positive Needs & Hopes]

Sometimes the Solution is the Winner POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES So, we didn’t get 3 points but….. what did we get? We got returning players, Partey in particular. We got a better performance from our central midfielders. Our backline looked solid and we defended against two of the trickiest players in the league, admirably. A […]

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January 2 December 0 – The December Old Boys given a chance but saved By January Boys

January 2 December 0 POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES I kid you not, I wrote that headline on my notepad before the game. I looked at the line up and wasn’t entirely disappointed as the key players needed to be rested, but I saw Willian and some of his buddies and predicted that the ‘December crew’ […]

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It comes from within: how the Hale Enders can win games, save money and rescue Arteta

It comes from within POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES With the relief felt and a headline like that, this could be a ‘braveheart moment’, but the game wasn’t that yet. I could say I told you so, but I’m just one of thousands who have been saying the same thing. The truth of what happened yesterday […]

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