Is Arteta Enjoying Living Rent Free?

For all the benefits of being a Premiership Manager, Mikel must be feeling especially pleased with himself, as he gets gratis accommodation, living RENT FREE……….inside Richard Keys head.

Not for the first time, Richard Keys has gone on an another anti-Arteta rant.

Following on from;


“I can’t hide the fact that irritates me so much, waving his arms around”


and; “Mini-me wasn’t happy, was he”


Keys has lost the plot again, this time regarding Mikel ‘hanging out’ side of his technical area.


Why is Arteta allowed to spend the game on the touch line? Again today – in front of the 4th official as well. Does he has special dispensation?

I really don’t understand his issues, it’s not like every manager does this, for 90 minutes, every game, is it???

I guessing Mikel must have slept with Qatari Keys daughters best friend or something to have gotten into his head this much to live rent free.


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