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Mr. Keys: R U OK?

Again, everyone’s favourite misogynist is up to his old tricks. Again, the only person related to football in the Middle East not earning £300k + a week, is bagging out Mikel. Again, I’m getting really concerned for his mental wellbeing. I’m guessing that somewhere in his murky past, Richard Keys was seriously wronged by Arteta, […]

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Richard Keys: Offended by The Arsenal…..Again!

As sure as the sun rises in the East and Chelsea abuse the FFP,  the serial Arsenal/Arteta hater has found a way to be offended by The Arsenal……Again. This time it’s not: Over exuberant celebrations Mikel Arteta’s passion,  OR Breaching technical area limitations. This time it’s ……. Scoring goals in added added time!!!! While ‘hanging […]

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Is Arteta Enjoying Living Rent Free?

For all the benefits of being a Premiership Manager, Mikel must be feeling especially pleased with himself, as he gets gratis accommodation, living RENT FREE……….inside Richard Keys head. Not for the first time, Richard Keys has gone on an another anti-Arteta rant. Following on from; “I can’t hide the fact that irritates me so much, […]

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