4 in 14, 6 by 6: Arsenal run riot at the Emirates (Gt Crew Review) [ARS 6-0 LEN]

In this edition we look back on Wednesday’s clash against Lens in the Champions League.

Havertz opens the floodgates



Paul Hepker: Havertz opening the floodgates: 4 goals in 14 minutes, 6 goals from six different goalscorers. A joy to behold. 

Thomas Bahnson: Has to be the Havertz goal. It just feels so big when he succeeds. The biggest room for improvement in the team is Kai smashing it. Im so happy for him today.

Dave Seager: Despite the late winner on Saturday, last night was the first time I saw Havertz look like he fitted in. His runs, urgency, passing and all round game was elevated. Perhaps he is our alternative left 8.

Gary Lawrence: The way the Arsenal attack blew Lens away so clinically. Great to see all the forwards getting on the scoresheet.

Steve Wellman: Side stepping the obvious, qualifying top of the group, with a game in hand.

Dwayne Bingham: Revenge is sweet. I know I shouldn’t be petty but it was nice to put Lens in their place after their cockiness at securing a win over us in the reverse fixture. Any small belief that they could go toe to toe with us when it mattered was smashed to pieces in that first half. Bravo Arsenal.

Nigel Evans:The whole team performance.

Michael McDonald: Watching Havertz play with increasing confidence. He seems more alive in the box than others who watch the activity.

Jesus great footwork



Paul Hepker:  I could watch that game ten times and not find a lowlight. How rare is that? What fun. 

Thomas Bahnson: Open goal situation to sub in Ramsdale at HT and give a youngster some minutes. I’m not sure Ben White or Eddie Nketiah needs a cameo at this stage.

Dave Seager: Can’t honestly think of one. Perhaps the continued zealous targeting of Saka. It’s a worry.

Gary Lawrence: The Lens supporters lobbing flares. It’s so dangerous and I don’t know how they got so many through the security at the Emirates.

Steve Wellman: No lowlight, just looking forward to the upcoming games.

Dwayne Bingham: No lowlights to recall.

Nigel Evans: Nothing concerning the game but I have to mention the behaviour of the Lens supporters to threw flares at Arsenal supporters and missiles onto the pitch.

Michael McDonald:  I hope that Arteta not taking the opportunity to bring on the two younger players doesn’t come back to bite him. The opportunities are so incredibly limited, and this was undoubtedly  one. I understand trying to keep first team players sharp but  if you don’t take your opportunities sometimes you realize that you’ve run out.

Saka - top goal contributions UCL



Paul Hepker: Tomiyasu is giving Arteta a massive headache.  Can Ben White claw his way back into the starting lineup? If the Japanese international performs like he did, then that RB position should be his.

Thomas Bahnson: If this is what we can expect when our first choice attack plays together then my tiny worries have been in vain. That attacking power coupled with our defensive steel is a devestating combination.

Dave Seager: The ability to swap and interchange White, Zinchenko, Tomi and Kiwior will be vital to our success until Timber is fit. Great example of what we may see more of last night.

Gary Lawrence: Gabriel Jesus looks to be getting his fitness and sharpness back up to speed. Jesus and Martinelli link up so well and we are so much better offensively with Jesus in the side.

Steve Wellman: Hopefully) Havertz making the left 8 role his own and having a settled, goal scoring front 6 going forward.

Dwayne Bingham: We now have a final gameweek which is a dead rubber. Nothing from the outcome of our game v PSV can affect the group places. Now is the opportunity to field a starting XI of  all fringe and youth players. No reason to give minutes to any first team players. Let them have a well deserved rest.

Nigel Evans: Being able to rest players for the final group game.Hopefully the same “front six” will start against Wolves on Saturday.

Michael McDonald: It dawned on me, partway through the first half that in a strange way it’s not helpful that we win so big without playing against a low block. It just illuminates the fact that you have to play a low block against Arsenal or you’ll get battered. Maybe I’m overthinking this!


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2 Responses to 4 in 14, 6 by 6: Arsenal run riot at the Emirates (Gt Crew Review) [ARS 6-0 LEN]

  1. Jax December 1, 2023 at 3:22 pm #

    First game I’ve watched where Saliba actually looked human. He was given a bit of a run around down our right hand side by their number nine.

  2. Tikpo December 2, 2023 at 7:49 am #

    Yes Michael, teams will realize that they have to play a low block to have a chance against the Arsenal! But what can we do? Just keep banging them in when they dare……we can only play who is on front of us.
    By the way Micheal, when are we getting a coaches perspective on that match?
    Do put something down. I enjoy reading them thank you.

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