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The Arsenal Mid-Season Awards (Part 1)

And as the first half of the season comes to a close, the champagne opens, the trophy’s are engraved and the players arrive for ‘The Arsenal Mid-Season Awards. Your host for tonight will be Lucas Chambers, so take a seat, pour yourself a glass of champagne and enjoy your evening. With the players in their […]

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Love Exhausted, Love Alive – a little bit of love can take you to the top [ARS 3-2 LIV] (Positive Needs & Hopes)

Love Exhausted, Love Alive POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES  An Arsenal Blog from a Coachʻs Perspective Love has many faces. No one place is it more tested than at home. Marriage and kids bring out every emotion but ultimately they are all wrapped in love. Somewhere behind family comes sport. If you are attached and invested […]

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Arsenal getting under the pundits skin – You don’t like us, we don’t care!!

Coming into the interlull, it’s great to look at ‘pundits’ scrabbling for headlines and as usual, it’s Arsenal players that seem to get their double barrels. Following bizarre/biased rants in the past from the likes of Jamie O’Hara: ‘Arsenal are Banter FC. Odegaard, Ramsdale, Ben White, Lokonga and Tavares. They’ve spent £135 million on a […]

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Is it all about the Counter-Press? – How do this Arsenal team handle defensive transitions?

  For any team, the transition from offensive to defensive structure following a turnover of possession is key. For possession based teams such as Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal, it is especially important to counterpress well and delay the opposition in the event of a loss of possession for several reasons; most importantly, it eases the fears […]

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