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Martinelli Joy

A Game for the Others: when unexpected players don the hero’s cape [ARS 2-0 NEW]

A Game for the Others POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES Best laid plans. Sometimes you’ve got to bin them. Players you expect to make the difference could sometimes be out there all night. Not happening. Opponents drive your choices as much as you can. Then sometimes you win but only if you aren’t stubborn. You can’t […]

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Take a Seussy trip back in time to celebrate Arséne’s Double Double [Book Review]

In the few months since he left us I have had time to reflect On the legacy of a man that earned all of our respect With his mission to make football art I believe he even out did The style and free flowing fair of 1960s Real Madrid This man gave us football the […]

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Nigel and DS

Play with a Legend’s Nigel Winterburn reveals 97/98 to be the greatest Arsenal team he played in

Last Sunday ahead of the Everton match, thanks to ‘Play with a Legend’ I was able to not only play a small sided football match with some fellow fans at the AFC Community Hub, but also to meet and play against Arsenal hero. Nigel ‘Nutty’ Winterburn. I could barely walk for a few days but […]

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If not, jog on with the plastics and the glory hunters

Come on Lads – Support The Arsenal or Jog on with the Plastics and the Glory Hunters

Support The Arsenal or The Arsenal   I’m not one to slag off fellow Gooners on how they support The Arsenal. It’s your choice, your opinions, your way. But recently it’s been getting beyond ridiculous. Some of the feeds I follow on Facebook and Twitter are beginning to test my faith in my fellow Arsenal […]

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Geordie in a classic Arsenal away kit

The Greatest English Player Never to play for England – Highbury Hero Geordie Armstrong

Quite a long back trip in the time machine to revisit this week’s Highbury Hero, it’s back to 1961, when Arsenal signed a talented young kid from the North East of England, who went on to become a huge Arsenal Legend. Though small in stature he was a massive part of Arsenal’s 1971 Double side […]

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Supporting Arsenal Is A Funny Old Game

Gunners Town/ “Supporting Arsenal Is A Funny Old Game” Competition

Gunners Town/ “Supporting Arsenal Is A Funny Old Game” Competition Arsenal is a glamorous club – a global brand that has always attracted the rich and famous – British Royalty, Pop icons, Olympians and Hollywood stars have all rubbed shoulders at matches down the years. However, there is one breed of celebrity which Arsenal have […]

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The Truth behind the Real Comedians at Arsenal FC

Gunners Town owner and author Dave Seager (Geordie Armstrong On The Wing) has spent the last 7 months interviewing a slew of celebrity Gooner comics for his new book Supporting Arsenal Is A Funny Old Game. In this interview, Dave’s GT partner Paul (@invinciblog) gets a bit of the backstory… Enjoy! What was the inspiration behind doing […]

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