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Brought back from the brink: Granit Xhaka’s miraculous transformation from outcast to linchpin

Since signing for Arsenal in 2016, Granit Xhaka has been a polarising figure for Arsenal fans. From literally picking his nose as Watford scored a goal back in 2017, to his ability to score goals at long range, to being praised for recent performances, Xhaka is an interesting and perhaps misunderstood player. Some Arsenal supporters […]

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2 more years

Wenger In or Wenger Out – We can still respect each other and back The Arsenal

As we head into the weekend that could well represent the watershed for Wenger and Arsenal in 2016/17 and beyond, we are delighted to present a lovely and quite unusual piece from ‘The Arsenal Circular’, Graham Perry. Tomorrow our beloved Gunners will walk out at Wembley in an FA Cup Semi Final with so much […]

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Arsenal’a Unsung Heroes – David Platt and ‘That Header’ that gave the Gunners Double Winning Belief!

Hello again, loyal readers. After some all night bartering, with negotiations reaching a delicious climax as the summer sun slowly submerged ‘neath the horizon with a shimmering ‘adieu’, I was re-signed for Gunners Town for the princely sum of a packet of ‘Nice ‘n’ Spicy’ Nik-Naks and a barely touched can of Tizer. My next few […]

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The Barcelona iPad Scouting App says the same as Citeh’s – We need Jack Wilshere this Summer

So here we go again. It’s not even April and the ‘Cant’alans are bloody well at it again. With Xavi joining the Qatari gravy train this summer, Barca need a midfielder to fill his immense boots. So Luis Enrique has whipped out his iPad, started up his scouting app, set the search to its default […]

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Time for Abou once more?

Can a fit Abou Diaby be Arsenal’s new Defensive Shield?

Arsenal is a team who will always have to defend counter-attacks, and aim to halt other offensive teams in their tracks, especially with the recently adopted 4-1-4-1 formation. But they would hardly achieve that with a stagnant anchor or a clumsy screener in the middle of the park. A different route might have to be […]

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Gunners ‘D’Manding’ a DM but have we already got him, them?

The Frankenstein syndrome. Here we are in again in August, on the eve of the Community Shield and the outlook has changed most definitely from recent years, as in, by mid-July, we already had four signings made, and good ones at that, with good money spent. Also, we’re back in England, as we’re actually playing […]

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The Wenger era: Centre-midfielder

Welcome to WTTGT’s new blog: The Wenger era. Over the course of these posts, we’ll take a look at the best players to have graced the red and white of Arsenal since the Professor arrived at Highbury back in September 1996. By the end of the blog, we’ll have formed the best Wenger XI as […]

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