Wenger In or Wenger Out being Positive The Arsenal is what it is all about!

Wenger – different values?

We all know by now he’s staying.

I posted prior in another article that I want him gone, but I still respect what he’s done for us. His influence at Arsenal is truly eternal.

But I’ve been thinking about something. Is the reason why Wenger Ins and Wenger Outs differ due to psychology and values?

As a run-down, maybe it’s due to these points:

Wenger Outs – Ruthless/big-club attitudes. Fans of bigger clubs tend to have more desire for success. Success breeds success, bigger clubs are culturally rooted in that. Moreover, not just Arsenal, but Man United, Liverpool, Real Madrid or Barca.

Wenger INS – Old-school, legacy, success is not paramount, continuity is. All fans want success, but then for some it’s about the maintenance of cultural identity, togetherness and seeing things in a more historical pattern. It’s about seeing that clubs are communities, and success whilst important is not the be all and end all, or even primary.

Wenger Outs – Not glory hunters, but have seen arsenal become global under Wenger, and have gained global/elite club values. They have always seen arsenal, long before the Wenger or graham era successes, as a club worthy of competing at the top table due to its successes historically.

Wenger INS – Fans who cherish arsenal as a big club, but see history, tradition and character as the keys, and not being successful as chief.

Wenger Outs – See the club as stagnating and not doing its best to realise or own its size.

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Wenger INS – Happy we are an elite club and that we are better off than many others are.

Wenger Out – Have been engrossed by modern football attitudes, which affect all other global/elite clubs.

Wenger INS – See football as more of a community-base, and cherish the legacy that Wenger has brought to us.

Wenger Out – More rational and progressive in how they see football. For them, it’s about moving on, getting better and progressing to different stages.

Wenger INS – more traditional, and look at the long-term/historical views.

These are generalisations of course. There would be people who are a mix of the two.

I am, as a Wenger Out. I accept that modern football and its emphasis on money is natural and in some cases required. Though football is a sport, and sport is about entertainment/enjoyment, and a focus on the community. I respect these traits as much as the nature of modern football. Moreover (and this is an observation, not a criticism) many Wenger INS do not cite footballing reasons for him staying, and this is fine.

We are all human, and are emotive as much as logical. It is just interesting to see why people think and judge as they do, and from seeing prominent members of each “side. Judging on the comments from prominent Wenger Outs, such as Piers Morgan, DT/Troopz from Arsenal Fan TV, the Wenger Out protest organisers, etc. and prominent Wenger INS such as Ty/Chris from Arsenal Fan TV, Monty Panesar, or Jeremy Corbyn, these themes seem apparent.


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But we’ve got Lacazette now. And possibly Lemar, Mahrez too will come, with Alexis and Ozil staying for now.

So let’s be happy we’re doing some business early in the window for once, and whatever our views on the manager, we have some positivity going into the new season.

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6 Responses to Wenger In or Wenger Out being Positive The Arsenal is what it is all about!

  1. Linda July 7, 2017 at 1:28 pm #

    The overuse of the word ‘respect’ which litters your article is rude. You are just a fan of Piers Morgan and no amount of rationalization, compartmentalizing Gooners into neat imaginary packages which are just a figment of your drunken imagination can mask your lack of class and brash attitude

    • Marble Halls TV July 7, 2017 at 2:14 pm #

      I don’t care about Piers Morgan. It’s just a random thought, and yes, humans are complex. I do respect Wenger, is this wrong? lol. He’s our best ever manager, he certainly warrants respect.

  2. frOOm en ski (fr) July 8, 2017 at 11:58 am #

    People who are ‘Wenger in’ like you say, like me, are sure that Arsene is going in the right direction with the club and will bring success during the 2 seasons that are coming.
    What you say here shows that you really understand nothing of the reasons why lots of people believe in Wenger. He’s going to restore the Arsenal image outside by stopping the negative impact that some ‘fans’, pundits and old stars have on it. I think the goal of Wenger with Arsenal is to put this club on the same road as Bayern, Real, Juves and not only to win the next champ. He wants to bring success for years to come, and it’s a long and tough road, but some people forget that in England there are 4 to 6 clubs which can win the league and not 2 or less. Adversity is at its paroxysm now in Premier League and we love it.

    • Marble Halls TV July 9, 2017 at 11:43 am #

      that’s fine. It’s just a theory as to how we’ve come to our respective positions.

  3. Victor Thompson July 11, 2017 at 1:59 pm #

    I wanted Wenger out and I am surprised to see that a snapshot of “Wenger ins” have been so hostile to you. I had become used to the accolade “Hostile” simply because, just like you, I loved Arsenal and still do, but I have come to believe that the things which drew me to Arsenal were being lost under Wenger for at least the last 5 years.

    It is a fact of life that nowadays the big clubs need big money because it is the ones with the best players who win things. I see no reason why Arsenal cannot be bracketed with the very best as they were until the TV moguls and the Oil Magnates changed the board on which the game is played. The top clubs are simply the playthings of billionaires. Unlike Real Madrid ( financed by the Spanish Royal Family and their Bank ) Chelsea, Man City, PSG and Man Utd., our Billionaire does not waste his millions on the club. Instead he lines his own pocket with the profits of the club. The humble fan is not even a consideration anymore as Kroenke has admitted himself.

    All of the attendance to the good behaviour of the club and It`s attention to proper ways of conducting itself have melted away. I had hoped that those attributes would still have been recognisable in the fibre of Arsenal Football Club but it hasn`t. We are no longer a big club in the same way that the big continental clubs see us. The best players do not consider Arsenal as their first choice. Sanchez is a prime example of that.

    Is there any evidence to show that Arsene Wenger has done anything to alter the situation? He had 10 years of accomplishments followed by 13 barren years, except for 2 FA cups. I am sorry, but I do not want or enjoy Arsenal Football being allowed to slip out of the company of the A list clubs. That is not being unreasonable or greedy. As a man who has supported Arsenal for nearly 60 years, the history of my club leads me to expect a certain status from it. Do we exemplify that status now? Emphatically “No”. We are not ranked in the top 4 of the Premiership, we have not qualified for the Championship and we are not regarded as a club which other supporters fear to play. I can recall in the no too distant past when Man. City, Chelsea and Spurs were a guaranteed 4 points to us every year. Spurs have even by-passed us but that may be a blip, it is the first time in over 30 years that that has happened. If Arsenal were to be judged on their history for the last 13 years, would you “Wenger ins” seriously argue that we are a big club? or are we where we deserve to be?

    In my view, the answer is clear. We are not a big club, but we should be and If Wenger`s belated conversion to actually spending money judicially and in time, perhaps we be again. I certainly hope so and just like Marble Halls, Steve Wellman and Dave Seager, and myself to name a few, will be able to speak their opinions without having our loyalty to the club questioned as some of the above contributors have done.

    • Batmandela July 11, 2017 at 6:36 pm #

      Will reply shortly. Thanks Victor.

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