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Kroenke Moenke

There Once Was A Guy Who Owned Spotify…

There once was a guy who owned Spotify Who loved Arsenal and his dream was to buy So he spoke to Thierry And his mate Paddy Then they convinced Dennis to help them try Now The Arsenal are owned by the Kroenkes And about the club they don’t give a monkeys They’re only in for […]

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David Rocastle – The One that Got Away and the Regret of never actually seeing him Play

Every year, on this day, I have the same feeling of regret. On the day that marks the premature loss of David Rocastle, I feel I missed the chance to watch a unique player and character.I’ve been an Arsenal fan for over twenty years now and I’ve watched so many talented footballers and special characters […]

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Exclusive Statistical Analysis of where Aubameyang will finish on Arsenal’s All-Time Goal Scoring List

Now that our skipper has committed himself to the club for the next three years it may be time to consider where he might end up in the great pantheon of wonderful striking talent that have played for The Arsenal. The list of superlatives used to describe Pierre Emerick Aubameyang has been lengthy throughout his […]

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Is Auba an Arsenal legend? I say yes!!

With talk on Auba’s contract being close to completion, where does Aubameyang rank at Arsenal? By that, I mean is he a club legend? I’m going to argue in his favour.       I don’t believe it’s hyperbole at all since I believe he is up there with Wright, Henry, Smith, Radford, George, Drake, […]

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This week’s Arsenal News Round Up- Partey, Willian, Ramsey, Wrighty with Arteta and more!

Hello there. Just some musings of the Arsenal news scape, in this present pandemic-induced lockdown: No to Willian   Look – Willian is a good player. He is a continental champion for his country, Brazil, due to winning the last Copa America. He has won many trophies with Chelsea. He is a pacey and technically […]

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To get the best of Aubameyang Arsenal must learn from how they supplied Wrighty and Henry

Wright, Henry, PEA……how the past can affect the present I don’t like to compare past eras with the present, since every era has its own needs, circumstances, and challenges. We cannot look to the 1989, 1991, or 1998 teams as formulae of how to win the league now. The contexts of then and now are […]

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Wenger tactics

Wenger Don’t Do Tactics: Settling The Debate

A fellow contributor here, Mr. Dougie Cazorla, made a great piece on how Wenger does “do tactics”, but not well enough. I agree with his analysis in very large part. However, I think it is a valid criticism, albeit stretched and distorted somewhat. So, using my best colloquial/non-Standard English: is the notion that Wenger “don’t […]

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Arsenal is now bigger than United in China

Global Gooners – how and why Arsenal (and Wrighty) should embrace its foreign fans…

Global support, Wrighty, and change…. How global support has changed from the past…. Ian Wright (Wright Wright) is a certified Arsenal legend, and a major reason why I am a Gooner. He not only scored a bag load of goals. He did so with class, tenaciousness, and guile, and to point where he became our […]

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Anti Gunners Media Agenda? Or Simply Arsenal Fans Paranoia as Club merely gets the treatment it deserves?

There is no agenda by the media. Enough of the paranoia The media aren’t stealing your thoughts. No need for the tin foil hat. Look, there is no “media agenda” against us. They don’t hate us, nor are they all closet Tottenham fans reveling in our “demise”. I see numerous fans online who make these […]

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Mesut Ozil vs The Ex Arsenal Pundits

Mesut Ozil vs the pundits Recently, Mesut Ozil put out a lengthy statement in regards to criticism ever since he joined the club four years ago. In the statement, he mentioned that ex-players should not criticise, but instead support the team, and since then pundits have bitten back. Was Ozil right to “out” pundits? The […]

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