Why and how Cesc would improve the Arsenal team in 2014/15

It’s that time of the summer again. The time when rumours spread like viruses. Arsenal have currently got a chronic one on their hands, with the highly contagious Cesc buzz taking over the gunners fan base.

A couple of factors suggest that Fabregas’ days at FC Barcelona are numbered. Including the fact that the club are not making the right noises in the media, about keeping the 27-year-old, who they courted for so long. Now with silly season in full swing and the world cup still a couple of weeks away, there’s no better time to fantasize about interesting possibilities if Cesc does make the move back to the Emirates.

Firstly, Cesc is a winner. His collective achievements have only increased since he left Arsenal in 2011, as he’s added national team success to club honours, collecting no less than three major medals for both club and country in the last couple of years. If he does make the u turn to London, he’ll be returning not only as a winner, but also as a better experienced player. It also seems like perfect timing, with the Gunners having broken their trophy drought. This means he won’t be playing with the added pressure and burden of having to end that disturbing barren spell of silverware. This time, he’ll be playing with a team who’s got what it takes to win.

One area Cesc has been able to improve in his game is his goal scoring, and he’s achieved that entering into the most crucial part of his career. He’s now got a top draw instinct, and his movements look stronger. Entering double figures in his three seasons with the Spanish Giants, he’s perhaps also benefited from leading the line on a couple of occasions for club and country. Although the hole behind the striker remains his best position, he’s now more capable of consistently providing what makes playmakers extra special – goals. Something that would benefit Arsenal who now understand how important it is, not to rely solely on strikers for goals.


The need for urgency.

Arsenal often struggled to increase their tempo last season, especially in the absence of Theo Walcott. Their play looked really static even with a natural chance creator in Mesut Ozil. But it would be different with Cesc. Arsene has always been a fan of direct playmakers, and he’s the reason why Cesc has developed into the player he currently is. But he’s not had two natural playmakers with prefect final balls for a long time, perhaps since the days of Dennis Bergkamp and Robert Pires. Both different in their own right. Here’s another chance to explore endless possibilities with two of the world’s finest creators.

With Cesc and Ozil both capable of producing a perfect final ball anywhere and at anytime during games, it’s difficult to restrict them to a single position. They both need that freedom, to be highly effective. This means while Cesc would get the nod over Ozil in the no.10 role because of his more direct style, it would also give Ozil the chance to drift into more spaces in the final third, especially the left side of attack where most of his assists have come from. The German being a tricky left footer also affords him the chance to tease the opposition while also making runs that only few players like Cesc can pick out.

Potential great understanding

Potential great understanding

Ozil has formed a promising understanding with Santi Cazorla, but the Spaniard’s occasional hesitancy affects the flow of a few promising moves. To outsmart tight opposition defences, you need quicker combinations, which is clearly what Cesc and Ozil bring to the table.

Now we’ve seen how much Aaron Ramsey’s game has improved this season, with his remarkable goal and assists figures from a box to box role. He’ll get more in the company of Cesc and Ozil. Whereas, the duo of Jack and Mesut would also add more goals to their games; a current weaknesses of both players. Like Cesc, Ozil also gets into great positions, and is more than capable of hitting double figures, while Jack is also now beginning to realise the significance of having substance to match his admirable technique. He only needs to be spotted better and quicker because he also makes runs which should be explored. His goals against West Brom, Olympique Marseille, Norwich City and Aston Villa are testament to that. The over-reliance on Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott for penetration deprived the Gunners of further success this year, but more dynamism from Ozil and Jack, aided by Cesc’s vision would bring out the full potential of this team.

Arsenal's Jack Wilshere, right, with Mesut Özil

Oxlade Chamberlain’s amiable football brain also gives him the opportunity to take his game to the next level, playing alongside someone like Cesc. His alluring shooting ability and powerful drive will be showcased a lot more, due to Fabregas’ deft touches and superb awareness.

The impact a player like Cesc would have on a player like Olivier Giroud also shouldn’t be underestimated. There hardly are better players capable of hitting clever, direct long balls to the striker. Its piece of cake for the former Arsenal skipper to pick out such passes. Giroud has seldom received balls over the top not because he’s not mobile enough, but due to Arsenal lacking players who specialize in that. Delicious long balls similar to the one against West Ham from Thomas Vermaelen are the type of services that have eluded “Oli.”

Cesc would put the ball on Oli’s boot


Theo won’t run out of Supplies

Then there’s the Theo factor. After a disappointing season of serious injuries, the Englishman will be looking to make up for lost time next term. With creative players in abundance at Arsenal, it also seems the best time to give the 25-year-old more opportunities upfront, something he clearly craves for. Though the knock downs and hold up play of a proper target man would be lacking, well calculated runs would see him get dozens of chances even against the stingiest defences, due to his individual chemistry with the quartet of Cesc, Ozil, Ramsey and Jack.

Potential line up from midfield: DM – Ramsey; Wilshere Cesc Ozil; Theo.

Since his arrival in 1996, Arsene Wenger has never hidden his willingness to explore interesting possibilities. He’s tried it in defence as well in attack in his 18 years at the helm. Now here’s another opportunity to prove to the world why a team full of mobile playmakers possess the necessary qualities to achieve unprecedented success. Therefore Cesc’s return and involvement should be a win win situation from this perspective.

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5 Responses to Why and how Cesc would improve the Arsenal team in 2014/15

  1. onyeador chidera May 24, 2014 at 5:17 pm #

    Wow! That was a very good,techical and breathtaking analysis!! Now u have convinced me without doubt that we need fab back in the team. U missed someting…he would provide dept fot the team

  2. Dan May 24, 2014 at 5:51 pm #

    I agree, I’d like Cesc back but as a replacement for Arteta, the media and fans have asked for a more physical presence in midfield especially as Mikel is at that age where he loses half a yard and although Cesc wouldn’t be an obvious replacement he could become our Pirlo.

    Cesc isn’t a typical DLM but he is faster/taller/stronger and has more bite then Arteta. Add to the equation his ability to control the tempo of a game his long distant passing and his ability to find space I couldn’t think of a better player for mert and kos to release the ball to and initiate attaks. The other factor that needs to be considered is when there are ten men behind the ball the ability of Cesc to come from deep/interchange with Ramsey/jack in the middle will be invaluable.

  3. Toni May 24, 2014 at 5:53 pm #

    His creative qualities are undeniable… It’s a shame dat barcelona underutilised him nd made him peripheral to their team set up… He would give us d cutting edge nd invention which have been solely lacking in away games ,especially big games…

  4. sam osas May 24, 2014 at 5:56 pm #

    This guy is good! What an analysis! With this all Arsenal supporters will agree cesc’s return will benefit the team greatly…….

  5. Phil23 May 25, 2014 at 11:10 am #

    Two more things, Cesc will fit in straight away as he doesn’t have to adapt like most other players. Also he plays slightly deeper than Ozil, meaning he will at times drop in to cover for the on rushing midfielders. This gives us the opportunity to go back to our rotating midfield that destroys teams as well as the chance to use two box to box (or ‘complete’) midfielders, as this will give our playmakers more runners and Cesc can drop back rather than Ozil who isn’t suited to that. Heres a direct quote from Fabregas (look it up);

    “I admire him (Ozil) a lot.

    “I can relate to him because he plays in that roaming attacking midfield role that I played in at Arsenal and I think we would play well together.

    “I can relate to him, we’re very similar.”

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