A freer role for Ramsey with Draxler in the side – How might it look?

Freer role - Better Ramsey

Freer role – Better Ramsey

Aaron Ramsey had a blinder at Euro 2016. Leading Wales to an unexpected semi-final (albeit one he was unfortunately suspended from) and standing out in every match he played in. He ended with stats of 5 appearances 4 assists and 1 goal, in my eyes he’s been the best Arsenal player at the tournament (Koscielny gets an honourable mention) outshining the likes of Giroud and Ozil. He seemed back to his brilliant 2013/2014 best and one hopes that he can carry that form into the new season, once he’s had a suitable break. But a question I’ve been asking myself is ‘’where was this Ramsey last season’’? He had flashes of brilliance like the goal against Spurs but often at times he was frustrating to watch, he slowed our play and was the bearer of many people’s frustration in the ground and on Twitter. I believe his poor performances have nothing to do with form, I believe it’s down to the atmosphere created at the Emirates and the tactics employed by AW. I use Giroud as a basis for comparison for this; Giroud in a 2 up front for France is a striker reborn, yes he is still slow, yes he still frustrates, but look at the goals he’s scored and helped create for Griezzmann. The goal against the Republic of Ireland showed exactly what Giroud can offer, when he has a partner he can offer the knockdown from a ball over the top and if he was up top on his own, he would have most likely lost the opportunity to score and been slammed for it. Playing up top on your own is a hard job, and believe it or not Giroud is okay. Not great but okay.

Giroud with a partner evidently works

Giroud with a partner evidently works

In a formation of 4-2-3-1 Ramsey was sometimes deployed wide right, if Cazorla was available he would have played there and Ramsey would have been in his favoured CM role, allowing him to dictate the play and get in the box to convert chances. This is how Chris Coleman utilised him for Wales and look at the benefits it reaped. With Cazorla getting injured early in the season and Walcott horrendously out of form, it was left to Ramsey to play that position and he himself has mentioned it is not his favoured role. Bad performances and worse results for Arsenal led supporters to look for scapegoats and Ramsey was the victim of that, along with Giroud and Walcott. Now away from the toxic support of the Emirates and having a coach that plays to your strengths does wonders for your confidence. I am not in any way saying AW has become a bad coach but injuries to key members of the squad have forced us to play players out of position as we don’t have subsequent cover. Now recently I have seen a lot of talk about the formation 4-3-1-2 and I have to say I wasn’t keen on it, but I have been won round by it and I’m keen to see the change next season. I assume with AW going for Vardy he has this change in formation in his mind. I took the liberty of creating a potential line up for next season (see below)


Yes, I snuck Draxler in there, sue me okay I just love him and can dream that one day he will grace the Emirates pitch. The media are suggesting this may be the case and a bid has been tabled. I also left the second CB slot free as I doubt Mertesacker will start first choice next year. But that to me is a formation that could see us flourish next season, Xhaka will patrol the back 4, allowing Ramsey and Ozil to get forward and support Alexis and Giroud. You could also put Ozil at CM and move Alexis to AM allowing for a new CF to come in *cough* Lacazette *cough* and partner Giroud, but this is all ifs and buts. I truly hope Ramsey comes back next season and builds on his brilliant Euros, after coming back from his horrific leg break he could be about to enter the peak years of his ability, let’s hope that’s in an Arsenal shirt and no one else’s.



Twitter is an interesting place, especially Arsenal Twitter. Every summer accounts pop up claiming to be ITK, that they know information, transfer dealings that are so secret, Twitter is the place to the divulge information. There are only a few accounts I trust 100%; @goonerdave66 (of course) @messiminutes @fkhanage to name a few, and many that you know are only tweeting for Retweets and attention. I myself sometimes can be guilty of believing these so called ITK’s and I get myself all excited believing we’re potentially signing Lionel Messi only to end up with some up and coming kid who will take years to nurture his talent. Of course recent windows have seen the arrival of £32m Sanchez and £42m Ozil, so we can spend, I just hope the club have something up their sleeve. I refuse to believe a club as big as ours had no plan b for when Vardy rejected us, it’s only the 7th July but already I’m worried we could be left behind. Man United have made massive signings and City will spend big now Guardiola has officially taken over. Chelsea, I’m expecting signings from after the disaster of last season. So Arsene really needs to pull his tight finger out, do it Arsene, and do it quick.

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5 Responses to A freer role for Ramsey with Draxler in the side – How might it look?

  1. Vijay July 8, 2016 at 9:44 am #

    I for the other Hand believe Ramsey will set the Team on fire if he takes over number 10 from Özil. Don’t get me wrong Özil is brilliant and for all the world saying he is lazy I found him to be more committed Player he runs a lot and does a lot for the team. But he has his flaws 1. His defensive skills are bit weak and as a number 10 for our Team he is not able to press the opponents high on the pitch and hence the defensive mid field duo are exposed very often with one of them already high up the pitch most of the time we are left under equipped for Counter attacks. On other Hand if he can press high and win some balls then the Teams will have to defend deeper allowing less Players to couter attack us. Also by keeping the other Team deep Giroud can hold the ball for the wingers and the midfielder to come in to over power them. 2. His Shooting skills are the worst. We saw that twice in the Euro 2016, he missed the Penalty, he has done it with us too. He simply doesn’t have that skill in his book. Most of his Goals are passes into the post. With this Girouds Holding skills are of no use. You Need some one who can strike the ball into the net. Again it was visible in Euro 2016, Grizemann beniftted a lot from Girouds hold up Play. Either ask Özil to Play the role that Cazorla is playing in the Team and Ramsey as number 10 or get a fast Counter attacking Forward to Support Özils Vision. Given the number of Cups we Play for and the depth of Quality we have in the mid field and the number of combinations we can have with this Team we can use different strategy for different Teams and competitions. This way we Keep Players fit and focused through out the season. To be honest I think Wenger is experienced and cleverer than me. To me Özil signing was because a pressure from Fans and media. We could have acheived the same things with or without him. As I said before , don’t get me wrong, Özil is a class act but he is a fish out of water in this Arsenal Team. Either get a faster, stronger and accurate striker or let him go and get a number 10 that suits the Team. I am damn sure he will go for a bucket of Money with which we can buy Luka. We still have Carzola, Jack, Ramsey, Iwobi and others who can Play the number 10 role.

    • Giroud's OK imo July 8, 2016 at 10:44 am #

      Sorry Vijay mate but you are utterly deluded. Allow me to explain:

      1) None of those players you mentioned at the end can play the ‘number 10’ role you mentioned. Had they played in that role for an entire season we would have probably finished 6th or 7th. But hey, we could change formations completely to accommodate them, instead playing our best player in his best position, where he happens to have the best pitch vision in the world, right?

      2) The reason Ozil had less assists or was less dominant in the 2nd half of last season was because we had no build up from deep (Santi Cazorla – not ‘Carzola’ as you mentioned – was injured), and had to settle for Flamini and Coquelin seeing the ball a lot, and try to build an attack, which is never good for a team, let alone a team competing for a title. This said, the mere fact you’re saying that we would be in the same place without Ozil is ridiculous. Ozil contributed to at least 50% of our goals last season, and that’s just the stats you see on paper – I can’t possibly bring up the analytics that back up how many chances we create when he’s on the pitch.

      2) Regarding Ramsey: he specifically won’t work as a traditional number 10 the way Ozil can because he cannot play with his back to goal, does not have a possession-based mindset as he’s too driven to attack/penetrate/play 1-2s, and is not very effective in traffic.
      He did, admittedly work wonders for Wales because they are mainly a counter attacking side that thrives against defenses that are tracking back – his job was to press, make forward runs, play the obvious passes forward to outlets.
      Wales are a completely different side to us (Arsenal), unless we suddenly choose to re-structure and develop ourselves as a counter attacking side; but even then we do not have an ideal personnel for such a type of play over a season. One thing worth of note is that we showed we can pull the counter attacking lark off i.e versus United at home, Bayern at home.

      3) You’re suggesting we lose Mesut Ozil, who had like 18 assists last season, and promote Wilshere, Ramsey, Cazorla, and Iwobi to share the #10 position. That is preposterous, as none of these players have Ozil’s movement, potential to create chances, retain possession in the final 3rd, set piece delivery efficiency (look how many times Ozil reached Kos or Giroud last season via a set piece).

  2. Kenneth July 8, 2016 at 9:45 am #

    I do not think Arsenal need any of Draxler and Ramsey. this is because Xhaka is not very good defensively and neither of the other two is good defensively. I would replace one for Carzola and the other for Coquelin

  3. Kay July 8, 2016 at 12:48 pm #

    I agree with you perfectly kenneth because when you look back at the beging of our season when both carzola and coquelin were fit every thing was working well for us and we looked like the team to beat both domestically and in europ .. I have seen this lad(draxler) play and he is not any better than our players in that position. Arsenal fans have a history of hyping other players and distroying their own.. Just imagine comparing giroud to morata is criminal .. Untill we fans stop killing our player spirit we wont move on…. ..

  4. Conelius Kiando July 9, 2016 at 7:39 am #


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