Arteta v Conte – Analysed Prediction says Gunners to pip Spuds to 4th



Good day to all Gunners!

In this article, we analyze the final dash towards the end of the season and Arsenal’s top 4 chances. Well, by now it is safe to say that it is between us & the Spurs. Itʻs Conte versus Arteta.

So lets take a look at the remaining fixtures side by side…

GW Arsenal Tottenham
34 West Ham (Away) -7th Leicester (Home)-10th
35 Leeds (Home) – 16th Liverpool (Away)-2nd
36 Tottenham (Away)-5th Arsenal (Home)-4th
37 Newcastle  (Away)-9th Burnley (Home)-17th
38 Everton (Home)-18th Norwich (Away)-20th

The Gunners play 3 Away and 2 games at home. Tottenham, on the other hand play 3 at home and 2 away.

Fixture Difficulty Rating, Form Guide & Scoreline Predictions

Fixture Difficulty Rating is a metric found on the official fantasy premier league website that incorporates recent home and away performances against opponents.


Starting on Sunday, Arsenal Play West Ham away. West Ham have punched above their weights throughout the season and can give a tough time specially away.

1. West Ham (Away)

Form Guide- (last 5 fixtures -PL) – L D L W L – Their three losses were against Tottenham, Brentford & Chelsea. The solitary win was against relegation strugglers Everton while the draw was against another relegation candidate, Burnley. They have currently hit a form slump especially with their main defenders all out because of injuries/suspension. They have only Kurt Zouma available for the game against us. To add to their recent woes, they were defeated last night at the London stadium in the Europa League SF against Eintracht Frankfurt. Considering this, they might be forced into a few changes to have a go in the second leg.

Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR)- 3

Result of the reverse fixture : 2-0 Arsenal win

Prediction – Arsenal to win 3-0, 3-1

2. Leeds (Home)

Form Guide- (last 5 fixtures -PL) – D W D W W – Since they sacked Marcelo Bielsa, they seem to have found an up-turn in form. Currently undefeated in five games, their wins came against Norwich, Wolves and Watford. The draws came against Crystal Palace and Southampton.

Fixture Difficulty Rating- 2

Result of reverse fixture: 1-4 Arsenal win

Prediction – Arsenal to win 2-0,3-0. Although they are a decent side that could hurt us, considering we are playing at home we should win this one.


3. Tottenham (Away)

Current Form Guide- D L W W W – They were on a decent run till Brighton knocked them back which coincided with our big win against Chelsea, one of the most important in recent years at the bridge. By the time we play Tottenham, the race for Top 4 will be at the highest temperature. This is the big game that might just decide the Top 4 race in terms of momentum. But if we look at Tottenham’s fixture straight after they play us, they’ve got Liverpool in one of those one pointer Premier league title races. I highly doubt Liverpool will slip up in that game.

Fixture Difficulty Rating- 4

Result of reverse fixture: 3-1 Arsenal win

Prediction – it might turn out to be a nerve wrecking draw , Scoreline prediction 1-1, 2-2.

4. Newcastle (Away)

Current Form Guide- W W W W L – Its been an astonishing turn around for their season considering they were serious relegation contenders. Eddie Howe has turned it around for them. This is a fixture that we need to be careful about. They recently won against Wolves,Leicester, Palace & Norwich. If we start the game with good intensity, the first 25 minutes will be key which may decide the result of the game.

Fixture Difficulty Rating- 3

Reverse fixture result: Arsenal 2-0

Prediction –This might turn out to be a frustrating game. 1-0 Arsenal Loss or 1-1 draw.

5. Everton (Home)

Current Form Guide- L D W L L – Everton have been so poor under Frank Lampard, they are realistically in with a relegation threat going into the last 5. The last game of the season might just be the one which puts the nail in the coffin for them. On the contrary, if they are having an upsurge, this might prove to be a very difficult game for us. They will fight for their lives to keep themselves up and have some very dangerous players to hurt us. It might be a nervy end to the season but I predict Arsenal will edge it.

Fixture Difficulty Rating – 2

Reverse fixture result: Everton won 2-1

Prediction – Arsenal to win 2-1, 3-2

From the final 05 games of the season, my prediction for Arsenal is 3 wins, a Draw and a Loss. That gives us 10 points from a possible 15.


1. Leicester (Home)

Current Form Guide – D D L W D – Its been a pretty poor season for Brendan Rodgers’ side. They were good in the last few seasons but their performances have nosedived. They have recently picked up their performances a little but are still not convincing enough. The only positive left for them this season is the Europa Conference league where they drew Roma last night 1-1. So they too, might be forced into resting some of their major players with nothing to play in the league. This game will tell if Tottenham are up for it or not.

Fixture Difficulty rating- 2

Reverse fixture result: Tottenham won 3-2

Prediction – Tottenham win 2-0, 3-1

2.Arsenal (Home)

Form Guide: W W L L L – Arsenal’s season was almost derailed by those 3 consecutive losses, which well, we should have won without any debates. But thatʻs football, things change quickly and they certainly have. The fate is in Arsenal’s hand once again but this game might just be the decider in the top 4 race. Arsenal are certainly a better side than Tottenham without a doubt but Spurs have clinical finishers in their front 3. Quite brilliantly, Potters’ side did not allow a single shot on target neither did Thomas’ Frank’s side.

Fixture Difficulty Rating -4

Reverse fixture result: Tottenham lost 1-3

Prediction – Draw 2-2 or 1-1.

3. Liverpool (Away)

Form Guide – W W D W W – Liverpool Currently are fighting Manchester City in another hot title race. We are all waiting to see who blinks first, and it might be that both of them don’t blink till the end.

Fixture difficulty Rating – 5

Reverse fixture result: Tottenham drew 2-2

Prediction Liverpool Win 3-1, 3-0,

4. Burnley(Home)

W W D L W – 3 wins and a draw from the last five is astonishing from Burnely. They got rid of Sean Dyche and put Ben Mee incharge and the players seem to be responding to him. Difficult game for Tottenham, since they are a side that play in a low block and defend deep. Tottenham have been found out against such teams.

Fixture Difficulty Rating – 2

Reverse fixture result: Tottenham won 1-0

Prediction 1-0 loss to tottenham or a 1-1 draw

5. Norwich (Away)

Form guide: L L W D L- Norwich are set for another relegation and this might be a rollover win for Spurs on paper. It might be a different story if the top 4 race goes to the last day of the season which I highly doubt.

Fixture Difficulty Rating- 2

Reverse fixture result: Tottenham won 3-0

Prediction – 2-0/3-0 to Tottenham.

From the final five games of the season, my prediction for Tottenham is 2 wins, 2 Draws and a Loss. That gives them 8 points from a possible 15.

Fixture difficult rating Score – (Higher score means harder fixtures)

Arsenal – 14

Tottenham – 15


The last few fixtures of the 21-22 EPL season will surely provide a lot of excitement and thrills. Its going to be a very close race for the league title between Manchester City & Liverpool. The race for top 4 is also going to be exciting and might go down to the wire. Its never easy to predict what happens in this league, but as for the current scenario, Arsenal might just be the favourites to claim the top 4 spot after 06 years out of the competition.

Final league position Arsenal- 4th – 70 Points

Final League position Tottenham- 5th – 66/68 Points.



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5 Responses to Arteta v Conte – Analysed Prediction says Gunners to pip Spuds to 4th

  1. GOG April 29, 2022 at 1:34 pm #


  2. Das April 29, 2022 at 4:09 pm #

    Spurs to draw or lose at home to Burnley but Arsenal to comfortably beat West Ham away…..yeah, these two results are wholly logical (not)

    • Ansar Ahmad April 29, 2022 at 4:45 pm #

      West ham are missing first team defenders, only kurt zouma is fit. They lost 2-1 yesterday and will have a return leg 3 days after playing us so in theory we should easily beat them. Meanwhile, spurs lost 1-0 in the reverse fixture against burnley, play a low defensive block, are in a relegation fight so have an extra motivation along-with the recent upturn in form. So, they would prove to be difficult for tottenham.

  3. TheFriendsofMisterCairo April 30, 2022 at 1:46 am #

    You’ve got fixtures wrong way round mate.
    Spurs play Liverpool away next weekend, BEFORE they play us, not after.
    Which could alter the context of the NLD, especially if we beat Leeds the day after Pool/Spurs game.

  4. TheFriendsofMisterCairo April 30, 2022 at 2:00 am #

    Also mate, although I don’t want to sound picky, you do need to check your facts before posting,
    Ben Mee is not in charge of Burnley, he is their captain.
    Mike Jackson is the caretaker manager, and he has freed the shackles of the defensive mindset that was the Dyche blueprint, and allowed them to express themselves and play with more freedom, which is clearly beneficial given their recent results since he took over.
    Which could make for a much more open game against Spurs, than would have occurred under Dyche.

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