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DB’s Season Diary Week 2: Tales from Twitter Jail – A Week in the Life of an Incarcerated Arsenal Supporter

Welcome to week two of my Season Diary, which comes to you this week from The Twitter Penitentiary. My crime? A crime of passion. Well, that’s the way I see it, anyway. Anyone that knows me, knows how passionate I am about The Arsenal. I’m not sure exactly when this became something to be mocked […]

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Wenger made the Ultimate Sacrifice – He loved Arsenal and let them go

When I joined Twitter almost 4 years ago, it rapidly became my go-to social network. It was a quick way to see what’s happening in the Arsenal world and I’ve rarely missed anything of note since. I thought Arsene Wenger’s resignation would surely be known to me within minutes, such is my dedication to checking […]

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The storm in a tea cup – a professional’s take

The storm in a tea cup…. Digital marketer’s views on our non-faux pas on Twitter My profession is rooted in the digital marketing sector. So this “storm in a tea cup”, whilst near literally espousing the idiom, was a whole heap of silliness. The abuse that Mr. Adam Crofton received was reprehensible. No form of […]

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Angry Twitter

Arsenal on Twitter: Twisted and Bitter – time for change

This comes from my heart, Gooners: Arsenal Twitter deserves to be shut down. Some of you might have noticed that I’ve been really quiet and didn’t write anything for some time, as well as not interacting much – if at all – on social media; I’m not protesting, boycotting or anything like that, I’m just […]

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Letter to Arsenal fans

A Fresh Perspective on Defeat by A Concerned Arsenal Fan

It’s The Arsenal, it’s all about perspective Following 2 defeats in 4 days, to some fans, twitter has become a place of vitriol and vengeance, with a number trolling other fans for their personal views. Through all the shite, I was relieved to find a level headed view and with the kind permission of the […]

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Being part of the Arsenal Family – Reflections on the family I chose

  “…So please, be tolerant of those who describe a sporting moment as their best ever. We do not lack imagination, nor have we had sad and barren lives; it is just that real life is paler, duller, and contains less potential for unexpected delirium.” (Hornby, Fever Pitch) Years later when I am asked what […]

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Revenge is sweet! Thrashing Liverpool wins the day.

TBIF! Thumping Liverpool this week’s highlight – but this banana skin could ruin our season…

TBIF – The Weekly Gunners Town Crew Review Friday The 10th April, 2015 Welcome to Thank Bergkamp It’s Friday – where members of the Gunners Town writing team gather to take a look at the Arsenal week that’s just passed. It’s a simple format, really – each week, a smattering of our eclectic scribes will select a HERO, a VILLAIN, a HIGHLIGHT, and a LOWLIGHT from […]

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Why do the English Media despise Arsenal as much as they do whilst admiring others who are genuinely failing?

Everyone has the right to give their opinions, they are allowed to talk about it, to write about it and to share their thoughts to people in any way, be it a respectful way. Football in England is still, no doubt one of the best to watch in the world. The rivalry, the tenacity, the […]

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Arsene: It’s a NO from me – Exclusive from Tw.t Sport

Arsenal were plunged deeper into crisis last night, as their second poor performance in a week means they are now on the verge of being voted out of football by the public. Despite winning both games, the fact that football teams are now judged on performance, rather than results, the Gunners only chance of glory […]

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