Arsenal crisis continues after transfer inactivity? Chillax Gooners!

How many weeks are
there to go until the end of the transfer window? I’d check for myself but my
mathematics isn’t too hot and to be honest my phone is on the other side of the
room and I can’t be bothered to get up and check the calendar on it. 

Whatever the case, I see that a lot of people are having a panic up that
Arsenal haven’t really dipped into it yet.

Of course it is frustrating to see us linked with every Tom, Dick and
Harry in the footballing world yet make no signings thus far, but try to
chillax and have a little more patience. What can you physically do about it?
Nothing. Except cry yourself to sleep. 

I can understand every Gooners worries. To the outside world, and many
Arsenal fans, it may appear that we are in some kind of crisis because Arsene
Wenger hasn’t splashed the cash yet. Believe me we are not.

The hype surrounding us at the moment is unreal. It is more unreal than
the fake ID I used at 15-years-old down the local shop to get my six bottles of
Hooch, one can of Special K and 10 Benson & Hedges. It worked though. That
or the fake beard I drew on did.

It’s easy to have a pop at Arsenal at present because it’s easy to kick
someone when they are ‘supposedly’ down and not spending loads of cash despite
having £123456789m to spend.

Negative reporting is far easier to do because there are a lot of
Arsenal supporters out there who are concerned for the club. They feed off our
fear like Hades.

I’m not worried. The only time I would be concerned is if we were in the
same situation come September and I firmly believe by then things will look rosier
than Rosie Huntington-Whiteley after a session on the Rose.

There is plenty of time for Arsene Wenger to make signings and,
regardless of people saying he hasn’t got a plan, I beg to differ.

Every summer we are in this situation of ‘crisis’ and people write us
off quicker than Usain Bolt running for his chicken nuggets.

That’s why I’m not bothered yet. Or concerned. Because this summer
we have a settled squad and look to be actively bringing in a better quality of
player to improve us.

As much as any Gooner I would love to open Arsenal NewsNow tomorrow and
see that we have made a signing because it’s exciting.

But if we don’t, we don’t, and I won’t start shaving my head, beating
reporters with an umbrella in a Britney Spears style meltdown because plenty
can happen until September.

I don’t have a problem if some Gooners disagree with me over this, and
I’m sure there will be many. And as I’ve said I can completely understand their
reasons for worrying.

You won’t catch me slagging them off because it’s their opinion and I
value that.

I suppose I’m either deluded, or maybe I’m so laid-back I’m horizontal!

However you won’t catch me doing my nut. Yet.

Darren Wright

One Response to Arsenal crisis continues after transfer inactivity? Chillax Gooners!

  1. July 31, 2013 at 5:14 pm #

    agree, though I still check a few times a day!!! hahaha

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