Extremes of AKB and WOB make Arsenal fans a laughing stock

WOB and AKB - Total embarrassment

WOB and AKB – Total embarrassment

We welcome back of our founder writers at Gunners Town – Darren Wright with a sanitised version, that will make Newsnow (less sweary bits) of a piece that he posted on his own personal blog

Let’s have it right, the terms AKB or WOB are a complete utter and total embarrassment.

Whenever I stick my nut on Twitter and see someone having a pop at someone else, and they’re calling them either of the above, I feel like throwing my phone/laptop against the wall and looking for a wimp to have a fight with who I can hopefully beat up.

Whoever invented AKB or WOB seriously needs a dry slap round the mush and if I had my way they’d be banished to a prison cell and made to listen to ‘What Does The Fox Say?‘ all day, on repeat, for the rest of their stinking existence.

In all honesty social media does not help. It gives complete and utter dullards (like myself) a voice. It kind of makes me wanna go back to the days when the only form of social media was a telephone box and you had 20p to make a call. I log onto Twitter now and the amount of infighting between Gooners is an absolute joke. We have become the laughing stock of English football. Fans of other clubs find us hilarious and not in a good way.

We have people calling each other the most horrific stuff all because they can’t agree on one subject: Arsene Wenger.

I can read one tweet, it appears perfectly reasonable, and I find myself nodding away like that Bulldog from the Churchill insurance adverts.


Then, I can read another tweet, and I feel like drinking ten pints of Stella Artois and going on a rampage somewhere. Somewhere like Stoke, and destroying all them inbreeds with a toilet brush.

10 pints and off to Stoke

10 pints and off to Stoke

I understand people get frustrated, I get frustrated, but sometimes people can go over the top with their reactions.
Constructive criticism is always welcome in my eyes. If someone has a valid point about something I will respect it, even if I don’t agree with it. But the only criticism I seem to see on Twitter these days is sheer abuse. Trust me; some of the abuse I’ve seen levelled at Wenger is borderline hatred.

I wouldn’t speak to my worst enemy the way some speak about the Arsenal gaffer and if you ask me a smack on the bottom or washing some mouths out with a bar of soap wouldn’t go amiss.

Wash your mouth out young man

Wash your mouth out young man

Let’s face it, Arsenal fans are split at the moment. That’s obvious. We’re split more than my 32 inch waist Levi 501’s after I tried to squeeze my fat arse in them.

Sometimes I think the only remedy is for every Gooner in the world to get on a field and have a massive tear up, Hooligan Factory style. Have a free-for-all then all shake hands.

At the end of the day we all have different opinions and that’s the beauty of something like Twitter. We can debate whether Arsene is still the right man for Arsenal or not, like normal humans. Unfortunately the real world isn’t like that and people can’t debate, they just abuse.

And on the subject of abuse one man I think doesn’t deserve that is Arsene Wenger. I know you’re thinking ‘here we go, another AKB’ and if you are then I’m gonna hunt you down and suck your eyes out through a straw.

Let me tell you why he doesn’t deserve abuse; because of what he’s done for Arsenal Football Club. Don’t get me wrong, Arsenal Football Club has been very good to Arsene Wenger too and in truth, Arsenal fans have, in the majority been very patient with Arsene during the ‘barren times’.

He does not deserve abuse EVER

He does not deserve abuse EVER

However the things I read thrown at him sometimes are disgusting and he deserves so much more than that. It appears Wenger’s time at Arsenal could be coming to end. I don’t think this summer and I hope not too if I’m honest. He has one more year left on his contract and I would love him to see it out and go out with a massive bang. Not a bang on the chin but a title.

I’m personally of the opinion it IS a bit stale at the club and a few new faces through the door would freshen that out, player wise.

Arsene Wenger is the GREATEST manager Arsenal has ever had and more than likely will ever have. One more year for him to put right this season (and it has ended up more horrible than Beth Ditto farting in your mouth) and we go from there. See where we’re at in December/January and if things aren’t improving then change next summer. That’s where I’m at in the Wenger situation.

One thing you’ll never see me do is abuse the man. If the day comes and I think we need change, and maybe that time is sooner than I think, I will air my views respectfully. Because that’s the least a man who spent 20 years of his life dedicated to OUR club, two-thirds of my life, deserves.

Keep it Goonerish……….

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8 Responses to Extremes of AKB and WOB make Arsenal fans a laughing stock

  1. marcos April 20, 2016 at 12:57 pm #

    I aprciate ur tinkin.arsene will leave but doesn’t deserve to be hated as if arsenal s about to’s so easy to forget hs enormous contribution to arsenals present standin as a brand worldwide.I tank him.he will leave n arsenal will move on but Pls vent ur anger in a gud called fans are now a joke wt dia hating

  2. Victor Thompson April 20, 2016 at 1:12 pm #

    I agree with your attitude towards Arsene Wenger completely. I also agree that the fans are perfectly entitled to verse their feelings on the matter, but not in the language of vandals and Hooligans.

    Do these abusers really think that increasing the level of hate and vitriol will influence the Board into doing something? Any responsible Board would do the opposite. How can they believe that the Board would capitulate to thuggish behaviour?

    If you are illiterate or have learning difficulties and you feel that it is your only way to express yourself, then I suggest that you ask someone to do it for you. For everyone else, please do not demean the club. If you don`t mind demeaning yourself with the bile that is emanating from your ilk, then please do not refer to yourself as a fan. I am a fan and I would not want to have my name associated with someone who behaves as a thug and a bully.

    My contributions show that I am a firm believer that Arsene should go, but I would never bring the club into disrepute by using such vile behaviour. There is one banner which I believe says “I support Arsenal not Arsene Wenger”. I cannot envisage how that message can be expanded and used as a licence to abuse Wenger and still represent that it stands to show that a person who defiles the image of the club can still be a supporter.

  3. Alex Field April 20, 2016 at 1:13 pm #

    The old goat is a twonk and the one casing the divine old stubborn twunt fuck off

  4. James April 20, 2016 at 1:31 pm #

    Wenger is not the greatest manager Arsenal ever had. Chapman revolutionised the club and got the ball rolling, Graham won almost as much in a much shorter space of time and laid the platform for all of Wenger’s success by leaving him the best defence in Europe.

    Wenger also has the advantage of top four meaning something, Graham couldn’t play in Europe every year and was robbed by playing due to English clubs being banned.

    Graham is probably the greatest Arsenal manager of all time, then Chapman, then Wenger who has destroyed his legacy by prioritising profit over what’s best for the team ahead purely to keep his job. He could have been the greatest, instead he’s mutated into one of the most clueless, dysfunctional Arsenal managers ever.

    The fact you want him to stay another year shows that however much you hate the terminology you’re what the term AKB was made for – a lunatic Wenger love that cares more about him than what’s best for the club.

    • Graham April 21, 2016 at 1:13 pm #

      To suggest Wenger has not revolutionised the club is laughable. It is because of him that our expectation levels have increased so much. I have been an Arsenal fan for over 35 years and I can tell you that the level of expectation, even during George Graham’s time was never this high.

      Do you think we would have been able to compete with the likes of City, United, etc if we had stayed at Highbury? If you think that then you know nothing about football finances.

      Like many fans I think his time is up and he should go, but I think he has earned the final year of his contract for his contribution to the club and I hope he doesn’t get another one.

      • Victor Thompson April 22, 2016 at 12:00 pm #

        Agree 100%

  5. Victor April 21, 2016 at 2:50 pm #

    Err Graham? We moved to the Emirates several seasons ago; we were supposed to have paid off our debts some two seasons ago. Yet, the simple question remains: are we ACTUALLY “competing” For ANYTHING? Or have our consistent presence in the top four, and our occasional strays into the top position – combined with our pathetic inability to do anything other than bungle any and all chances at ACTUAL success, simply continued to serve as both a warning and a motivation to truly ambitious teams?

  6. Graham April 22, 2016 at 1:33 pm #

    Victor, The debt is not fully paid but is sufficiently reduced that we can compete on transfers. As you rightly said that was two seasons ago, so the media message that it’s been 12 years of failure is simply untrue and before anyone says what about Leicester. This is season is an anomaly that will not be repeated for many decades

    Before the season started I was extremely frustrated that we didn’t buy a striker because I didn’t think Giroud was the answer. It was also disappointing that Wenger believed Theo can ever be a center forward. Neither of them were ever going to carry us to the title.

    Wenger has made many mistakes this season alone and the players must not escape blame either. Every single one of them has let the club down at various times of the season, every single one.

    This season was ours for the taking and we missed it and that is extremely frustrating, but for anyone to belittle his achievements will be rewriting history to suit a hidden agenda. he has earned the right to this final season and as fans of the club we should support the club and the manager.

    Finally, Does anyone genuinely believe that Wenger does not want to win the league? I don’t. The constant comments I hear that he his just there to make profit for Stan Kroenke is simply not true. I believe Kroenke is here for the money, and so it should be. He is a businessman that has bought a very good business. If we the fans want to be angry at Kroenke, I suggest our anger should directed at those that brought him to our club and sold their shares to him.

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