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Exclusive Excerpt from TalkSport Monday Planning Meeting on pending Aubameyang Contract Announcement

Durham on his Anti Arsenal Soapbox….Again Monday morning and it’s TalkSh!tes weekly team meeting. Alan Brazil is chairing this week’s meeting and he tables the agenda:   Item 1: What controversies can we stir up this week? Item 2: Who’s doing the coffee run today? End of meeting   As usual Durham is the first […]

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Angel Gabriel’s Divine Contribution – Player Performance Review and Ratings

    This was a fine start to the season. Yes, it was only Fulham, and there will be harder tests ahead. All the same, we controlled the game from the off and looked resolute throughout. Despite the changes in the brief close season, with Gabriel and Willian incoming, it was to some extent more […]

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Aubameyang and Ozil talk Turkey – It’s enlightening!

Auba & Ozil Talk Turkey With the restrictions now lifted and the summer finally arriving in England, Auba & Ozil decide to have a catch over a swift half in the local.   Auba: “Mesut, how goes things? Long-time no see.” Ozil: “Yeah, all good”   Auba: “What have you been doing for the past […]

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Is Auba an Arsenal legend? I say yes!!

With talk on Auba’s contract being close to completion, where does Aubameyang rank at Arsenal? By that, I mean is he a club legend? I’m going to argue in his favour.       I don’t believe it’s hyperbole at all since I believe he is up there with Wright, Henry, Smith, Radford, George, Drake, […]

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Time to acknowledge that Arteta is improving players?

In my previous article, I said that football is a results business and in that respect, what a great couple of weeks it’s been since I last penned my thoughts. Most supporters are quick to criticise the manager when he gets it wrong, so I’m going to buck that trend by being quick to praise […]

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Southampton 0-2 Arsenal: Pressure wins twice [Positive Needs and Hopes]

Pressure wins twice If you are thinking that the headline refers to Arsenal beating Southampton due to two individual moments of pressure, you’d be 50% correct. Arsenal won due to a couple of reasons, and leaning into their speed upfront was certainly one of them. Southampton never found an easy way to play or create […]

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8 Thoughts on Arsenal during the break: fast breaks, lucky breaks, breakthroughs and breakdowns

8 thoughts on Arsenal  Some bold thoughts here. Would love your opinion. 1) This may not be a popular thought but Arsenal’s attacking options often give me reason to wonder if we could be more effective as a counter attacking team. Give me a minute to explain. I know we loved the days of possession domination […]

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Arsenal and the trip to Magaluf [Positive Needs and Hopes]

Arsenal and the trip to Magaluf  (End of Part one of 19/20) I was trying to think of what Part 1 of Arsenal’s season reminded me of…. Back in 1995 my mates and I booked a trip to Magaluf. We were 21. No parents. We were all moderately good looking. Let’s go! The trip started […]

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It just feels different with Arteta ‘Redemption Man’ at the helm – Three Special Goals sink Evertongoals

This feels different  Positives, Needs and Hopes  I respect the world of football stats but don’t search them out. There is something in me that resists stats and considers them somewhat unnecessary even though many are interesting and revealing.   I far prefer basing my judgments on feeling.   Maybe it’s because I’ve poured much […]

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From Tottenham to Rennes – The Unacquainted Twins, Good Arsenal and his Bad Brother!

 ‘The Unacquainted Twins’ POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES Have you ever met people who should know each other, perhaps they are essentially the same, but look like they have never met? I introduce to you Arsenal 2018–19!   ‘Good Arsenal’…. Shows up one in three. An intense team with laser focus that starts finishes and does […]

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