Come on Arsenal, let Santi Cazorla return to Real Oviedo – He’s earned it.

What is your favourite memory of Santi Cazorla at Arsenal?

Possibly his screamer versus Man United at Old Trafford as he broke the ankles of half the home sides defence in the process?

Perhaps his cheeky flick against West Ham?

Well for me it was his stellar performance in the 2014 FA Cup final versus Hull, which saw Arsenal trailing by 2 goals early on for him to grab the game by the neck and turn it into a Santi master class. Cazorla scored a stunning free kick from far out just before half time to inspire the Gunners, then curled in a perfect corner to set up Koscielny for the equalizer midway into the second half. Of course Aaron Ramsey scored the winner in the first period of extra time but everyone knew it was Santi Cazorla’s day.

Santi turns the game at Wembley in 2014

Sadly now all we have are memories, memories of one of the most technically gifted players to wear the Arsenal colours. Santi Cazorla may never play to the high standards he set in his first couple of seasons for the Gunners, due to a terrible string of injuries. Cazorla has missed 107 games in total for Arsenal spanning across 610 days so far.

The worst and current injury which has seen Santi out for over a year is a combination of an ankle injury he sustained for Spain and then an infection from that, which lead to his tendon going gangrene. The infection ate 8 centimetres of his Achilles tendon,with doctors saying he would be lucky to walk let alone play.

Cazorla’s ankle

It’s a terrible tale to hear of such a fondly remembered player but there is light at the end of the tunnel, Santi Cazorla is set to be cleared to play in but a few weeks now. We also bring you news of more hope for Santi, Spanish, Segunda División team Real Oviedo the team he made his name for, are very interested in signing him to help steer a promotion challenge back to La Liga.

Back where it all began?

Santi Cazorla is currently living in Salamanca, which is only a few hours’ drive from the Real Oviedo stadium which he attends quite often. Cazoria’s Arsenal contract runs out next summer, with an option of the club to extend by a year, which believe he will try to negotiate to end early so he can join his boyhood club Real Oviedo. The transfer may be as early as January 2018 although it’s more likely to be in the summer, what is important is playing football to Santi, with that said I’d think it be near impossible for him to play at the highest level again after all his injuries so this could be a perfect solution for both parties as he gets to play and Real Oviedo get a fine talent and talisman.

Very rarely in football do clubs get an opportunity to give something back to their players that served them so well, playing through injuries and missing family events but this is one for Arsenal. We’ve heard about the club reaching out now to Emmanual Eboue to see if they can help him in some way, after hearing of his terrible current standard of living and also how they helped Paul Merson and Tony Adams with addiction problems. For me this is time for the club to give back to Santi Cazorla who nearly lost everything for Arsenal.

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One Response to Come on Arsenal, let Santi Cazorla return to Real Oviedo – He’s earned it.

  1. Victor Thompson December 28, 2017 at 10:56 am #

    James at this time of goodwill, I agree that Arsenal should let Santi do what he thinks is best for him. I doubt if there will be any problem. I believe that there is still a shred of the “Arsenal way” left within the Emirates.

    I am obliged to you for the information on Eboue, Adam, Merson etc.

    Anyway, I wish Santi every success with his parent club and hope we hear good news from him in the future.

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